You have entrusted us with your health and wellness. We take that responsibility seriously by providing the best in patient care and service. Every time you visit our office, you are greeted by friendly staff and are treated by knowledgeable professionals. It's a standard that we have set for ourselves, and one that we commit ourselves to everyday.
Chiropractic Care
For thousands of years, proper balance of the spine and nervous system has been considered essential to health. Hippocrates was the first to write on disease, always look to the spine first. Our Chiropractors are skilled in the latest diagnostic and adjustment techniques to help reduce your pain and improve the function of your entire body.
Natural Detoxification
Many chronic diseases are associated with a build up of toxins within the body. A variety of medical foods and herbs are utilized in addition to hydro-colonics to assist all of the body's detoxification pathways.
Here at the Natural Medicine Center, we evaluate health. We are the only clinic in the state of Texas that has the combined technologies and expertise to identify the early changes that can eventually lead to serious illness. With proven testing protocols we can accurately document your body's toxin status, energy efficiency, tissue health, blood sugar management capacity, kidney health, liver health, digestive capacity and anti-oxidant status. Unfortunately, very few of us are healthy. The good news is that together, we can do something about it. It may be as simple as changing your diet, water intake and/or exercise level. Or, in more complex situations, you may need a complete detoxification, rebuilding and revitalization program. Whatever your needs, we have the expertise to guide you and to measure your progress. Our services are comprehensive, and some are outlined as follows:
Clinical Nutrition
Eight of the top Ten causes of death in America are directly related to poor nutrition. Additionally, the 8 modifiable factors of premature aging are all influenced by nutrition. We utilize the top nutrition products available along with the most sophisticated diagnostic tests to help you to achieve optimal health.
Comprehensive Diagnostics
Effective health care begins with understanding the patient's problem. We have the most comprehensive diagnostics of any natural clinic in the state of Texas.


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